Juno-DS61 Juno-DS88: Using Favorites

You can use the Favorites function in the Juno-DS61 and Juno-DS88 to quickly call up your favorite / most-used Performances or Patches.

To register a sound as a Favorite:

  1. Select the sound (Patch or Performance) that you want to register.
  2. Press the FAVORITE button so it is lit.
  3. Select the bank in which you want to register the Favorite by first pressing the the BANK button and then pressing a 0–9 button.
  4. Hold down the FAVORITE button and press one of the 0–9 buttons to specify the number in which the Favorite will be stored.

To recall a Favorite sound that you have registered:

  1. Press the FAVORITE button so it is lit.
  2. Select the bank you want to recall by first pressing the BANK button, and then pressing one of the 0-9 buttons.
  3. Use the 0–9 buttons to select a favorite.


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