V-1HD: How to Setup Effects

Settings up the V-1HD for your effects is simple. Like most switchers it's better to get familiar with your effects parameters and dialing them in prior to your production. Here's some steps on how to set up your effects.

  • Press the [MEMORY] button to display the MEMORY menu.

  • Use the [TRANSFORMER] "UP" "DOWN" buttons to navigate and select “EFFECTS A” or “EFFECTS B.”

  • Use the A/B fader to select the compositing effect to assign to the EFFECTS A or B [ON] button. You have a choice of the following effects:
    1. WHT-L.KEY - Luminance Key White (keys out White)
    2. BLK-L.KEY -Luminance Key Black (keys out Black)
    3. GRN-C.KEY - Chroma Key Green (Keys out Green)
    4. BLU-C.KEY - Chroma Key Blue (Keys out Blue)
    5. PinP 1/4 -  PIP 1/4 the width of the background video
    6. PinP 1/2 - PIP 1/2 the width of the background video
    7. SPLITVS - Split Screen /w full frame video stretched vertically
    8. SPLITVC - Split Screen /w its center section vertically cropped
    9. SPLITHS - Split Screen /w full frame video stretched horizontally
    10. SPLITHC - Split Screen /w its center section horizontally cropped

  • Press the [MEMORY] button to quit the menu. This will save your effects settings in your units internal memory.
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