V-1HD: How to set up a PiP

Picture in Picture is a very useful tool. PiP is frequently used in Sports, Broadcast, Education, Church and internet blogging applications. Here's a quick tutorial how to set up a PiP with our V-1HD:

  • Press the [MEMORY] button to display the MEMORY menu.

  • Use the [TRANSFORMER] "UP" "DOWN" buttons to navigate and select “EFFECTS A” or “EFFECTS B.”

  • Use the A/B fader to select the compositing effect to assign to the EFFECTS A or B [ON] button.

  • You have a choice of the following PIP sizes:
    1. PinP 1/4 -  PIP 1/4 the width of the background video
    2. PinP 1/2 - PIP 1/2 the width of the background video

  • Press the EFFECTS A (or B) [ON] button to turn on the effect (lighted).

  • Use the [A-1] through [A-4] and [B-1] through [B-4] buttons to separately select the video you want to use as the background and as the inset screen.
    * The video on the bus at the position where you turned on the effect is what becomes the inset screen.

  • Move the A/B fader to the bus A position
    * The inset screen is composited onto the background video and the result is output.
    * When the A/B fader has been moved all the way to the bus B position, no inset screen is displayed.

  • Turn the [EFFECTS A] and [EFFECTS B] knobs to adjust the display position of the inset screen.


    1. [EFFECTS A] knob This adjusts the inset screen’s display position horizontally.
    2. [EFFECTS B] knob This adjusts the inset screen’s display position vertically

  • To turn off an effect, press the EFFECTS A (or B) [ON] button a second time.

Adjusting the Border

You can change the width and color of the border added to the inset screen.

  • Press and hold the [(TAP) BPM] button

  • Go to PAGE 2 of the Setup Menu

  • Navigate using the transformer buttons and go to PinP BORDER

  • Here you can adjust between 0-15 width

  • Under PinP BORDER COLOR you can change the border color

  • Hit the [(TAP) BPM] button to exit and your settings will save


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