V-1HD: How to Stream

Many HD switcher have built in video streaming capabilities. However, the V-1HD although a switcher that is highly sought after does not have streaming capabilities incorporated. The USB connector is actually intended to control it via the Remote control software. Here are some work flows that will help you with connecting your V-1HD for streaming. Hope this helps.

In this first workflow we are using the Roland VC-30HD. We are sending the HDMI program output and using the VC-30HD to convert it into a USB output stream or if using an older computer Firewire. That USB/Firewire output stream is then sent to your computer. Once you establish a signal via your CDN (Content Delivery Network ej. Livestream, Ustream, TwitchTv etc.) you can go live out and distribute your production.

In this second workflow we're showing how you can connect using a encoder box/hdmi to USB converter. An encoder box gives you more flexibility with codecs, information stream bandwidth and resolutions so some people prefer an encoder. But it's important to note that encoder boxes are for people comfortable with IP configuration, if you are not, by all means the first workflow method may work best for you. A HDMI to USB converter/dongle is a simple way to turn you your HDMI into a USB output to send directly into your PC. Your PC will actually recognize the video stream like a USB webcam so there would be no special drivers to download.


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