V-1HD: How to set up a Chroma Key

Settings up the V-1HD for your chroma keying effect can be challenging. Here's a article that will help you setup your lighting for your keying that you should consider taking a look at prior to trying to key: 


Mastering a Key gets easier the more you get familiar with setting your lighting setup, effects and dialing parameter in prior to your production. Chroma key composites video shot against a blue or green background against a different background video. If you are not careful Chroma key composition sometimes leaves color or small artifacts at the edges of the extracted video, but this is not a malfunction.


  • Press the [MEMORY] button to display the MEMORY menu.



  • Use the [TRANSFORMER] "UP" "DOWN" buttons to navigate and select “EFFECTS A” or “EFFECTS B.”

  • Use the A/B fader to select the compositing effect to assign to the EFFECTS A or B [ON] button. You have a choice of the following Chroma-keying effects:
    1. GRN-C.KEY - Chroma Key Green (Keys out Green)
    2. BLU-C.KEY - Chroma Key Blue (Keys out Blue)

  • Press the [MEMORY] button to quit the menu. This will save your effects settings in your units internal memory

  • Press the EFFECTS A (or B) [ON] button to turn on the effect (lighted).


  • Press the [A-1] through [A-4] and [B-1] through [B-4] buttons to separately select the background and the picture you want to display in the foreground. *The video on the bus at the position where you turned on the effect is displayed in the foreground. 
    1. [EFFECTS A] knob This adjusts the amount of keying for the foreground video
    2. [EFFECTS B] knob This adjusts the degree of edge blur for the foreground video



  • To turn off an effect, press the EFFECTS A (or B) [ON] button a second time
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