VR-50HD: HDMI & SDI Audio Assigning to Channels

Audio input Channels 1–4 are exclusively for analog input, but channels 5/6–11/12 can also be assigned to audio input via HDMI or SDI. Use these steps below to Change the Audio assignments.

  • Press the [SETUP] button for the channel whose assignment you want to change, making the button light up.

    The channel parameter screen appears.

  • Touch Input <VIDEO>
    - Line: Line input is selected.
    - Video: Depending on the input connector assigned to the channel, audio embedded in HDMI or SDI input is selected.
    1. Audio channels 5/6–11/12 correspond respectively to video inputs 1–4 at LINE 1–4.
    2. Channel 1 and channel 2 of audio embedded in the SDI or HDMI input are input on the audio channels.

  • Press the [EXIT] button or the illuminated [SETUP] button to finish making the settings.
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