TD-30: Troubleshooting the MIX IN Input

The following is troubleshooting information if you're having problems when using the MIX IN input on the TD-30:

The MIX IN on the TD-30is a stereo 1/4" input. While you could use a Mono cable to connect to the MIX IN, for the best results,  a stereo cable is needed. 

- If you're having to use an adapter on the end of the cable to compensate for the 1/4" size of the MIX IN jack on the TD-30, try a different adapter. Make sure the adapter is stereo.  

- Check both ends on the cable that you're using and make sure there are two black lines on each end. This would indicate a stereo cable.

- When connecting a Phone /iPod/iPad, etc.,  be sure to remove any protective case that you may have on the device. Cases can prevent certain cables from inserting all the way into the headphone output on the device, which can cause problems. 

- The MIX IN is designed for line level and/or headphone output signals only. *Never* connect a powered output (from a power amplifier or powered monitor feed) to the MIX IN jack. Doing so will damage the TD-30's MIX IN. 

- If you're hearing distortion from the MIX IN signal, lower the output volume on the external connected device. (e.g. headphones volume).

Click the following link for further information regarding the  TD-30's MIX IN:


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