BR-800: Importing a WAV File from a Computer

In order to import WAV files from a computer into the BR-800, the BR WAV Converter software will need to be used. You may download the BR Wav Converter software by clicking on a link below:

BR WAV Converter Windows

BR WAV Converter Mac


  • Files will need to be in the following format in order to be imported:
    • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
    • 16-bit
    • WAV or AIFF files

      If the file being imported does not meet these specifications (if, for example, the file is mp3), it will need to be converted using conversion software (such as iTunes).


Importing from A Computer to The BR-800

Important Note: You’ll need have a song on the BR to put the files in. You can make a new song (MENU-->NEW) or import them into an existing song.

1. Connect a USB cable between the computer and the BR-800.

2. Press the BR-800's the MENU button.

3. Cursor to "USB," and then press ENTER.

4. Cursor to "WAV CONVERTER," and then press ENTER twice.

Note: The BR-800 may appear on your computer with a drive letter (ie: E: or F:). You can close any windows that open, but you’ll need to know this drive letter in Step 6.

5. Launch the BR WAV Converter software by double-clicking BRWC icon on your computer.

Note: The BRWC software is provided as a .zip or .sit file you'll need to extract before using.

6. Once the BR WAV converter program is open, use the Drive menu at the top left of the screen to select the BR-800 drive you identified in Step 4.
Note: If you're unaware of which drive to select, select each one available until a Song name appears beneath "Drive."

7. Select the song you wish to work with from the Song menu.

Note: Green squares appear on a grid that shows you the V-Tracks in your song. 

The horizontal columns—from left to right—represent the Tracks:

The vertical columns—from top to bottom—represent the V.Tracks:

For example: Each of the green squares in the image above represents V-Track 1 for each Track 1 through Track 8.

8. Click IMPORT in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

9. Click the track(s) you wish to import to—they change to orange. If it’s a stereo track, make sure both sides are orange.
Note: Most of the time, it will be just the top row of boxes that will be selected for importing to--since these are all the first virtual track (V-Track 1) of each track.

10. Click GO.

11. You'll be prompted to browse for a .WAV file. Locate and select the file you’d like to import, and then click Open.

That’s it! The .WAV file is converted into a V-Track on your BR!

12. Close the BR Wav Converter software. On the BR-800, press EXIT and then ENTER to safely eject the recorder from your computer.

13. Disconnect the USB cable from the BR-800.

14. On the BR-800, select the Song that the audio file(s) were just imported to. This will be the same Song as the one selected in Step 7 above.
To select a Song, press MENU, cursor to SELECT and then press ENTER. Cursor to the Song and then press ENTER.

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