V-4EX: How To Connect A DVD Or Blu-Ray Player

DVD and Blu Ray player carry what's called HDCP embedded via HDMI. When you first power on the V-4EX by default, the HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) setting of the V-4EX is turned off. This means that HDCP applied signals from Blu-ray Disc players and the like cannot be input. HDCP is copyright-protection technology that prevents unlawful copying of content by encoding the path when sending digital signals from a video playback device to a display monitor or other display equipment.

When inputting signals to which HDCP is applied, follow the procedure shown below to change the setting:

Press the [MENU] button
Use the > button to get to Setup
Press [SETUP] on touch screen
Press [HDCP] on the touch screen menu
Use the VALUE knob to set to "ON"
Press the [MENU] button several times to quit the menu

NOTE: When set to HDCP "ON" the video output from the composite connector, the RGB/COMPONENT connector and the USB port is stopped (this is by law to prevent piracy). Only HDCP-applied signals are output via the HDMI connector. Preview output also continues.

Once you have successfully enabled HDCP you will notice that the HDCP indicator light will be turned on. It's next to the INPUT "VIDEO" and "AUDIO" Buttons to the right.

If you see the light blinking/ flashing that means no HDCP-compatible device is connected to the HDMI output connector. Or a device that does not support HDCP is connected.

What you want is the light to be on solid and that indicates an HDCP-compatible device is connected to the HDMI output connector.

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