V-1HD: Returning Settings to the Factory Default

You can return the parameters of settings on the V-1HD to their factory defaults.

Follow these steps to return to Factory Default State:

  1. Press and hold the [(TAP) BPM] button (for 2 seconds or longer) to display the SETUP menu.

  2. Use the Transformer [^] and [v] buttons to scroll to page 6

  3. In page 6 select “FACTORY RESET.”

  4. Move the A/B T-Bar fader to the bus A position.

  5. The message “PRESS “UP”” is displayed

    (If you want to cancel the operation, move the A/B fader to the bus B position or press the transformer [v] button.)

  6. Press the transformer [^] button.

  7. A factory reset should've been executed

  8. Press the [(TAP) BPM] button to quit the menu.

**NOTE** Performing a factory reset causes all settings made and values saved in memory to be lost.

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