VR-3EX: How to Select Video Input

On the VR-3EX, input video channels 1 through 3 are interchangeable between Composite video or HDMI video with a maximum resolution of 480p/576p supported. Input video channel 4 is interchangeable between Composite video, RGB/ Component video or HDMI video with a maximum resolution of 1080p59.94 supported. Out of the box the VR-3EX inputs are all assigned to HDMI. To send a signal other than HDMI assign the video input you prefer for each individual video channel. Here is how:

  1. Press the [IN/OUT SETUP] button.

  2. The input/output setup screen for video is displayed.

  3. Touch the switch section of the video channel you want to set.

  4. Turn the [VALUE] knob to select the video input connector.

  5. Press the [IN/OUT SETUP] button to quit the setup screen.

Video input indicator

This indicates the input status of the video signal. The indicators for video input connectors carrying an incoming video signal light up in orange.

* The indicator for the CH4 RGB/COMPONENT input connector is displayed only when the connector has been selected.


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