A-49: Advanced USB Driver Setting

Normally you will install a Roland driver on your computer to use the A-49 keyboard, but if there is not a driver available, or if you are connecting to a device that does not allow drivers to be installed (such as an iOS device), you can change the USB Driver Setting to "Generic." This will allow the A-49 to use the built-in USB driver in the computer (such as Core MIDI) instead of requiring a Roland driver to be installed. This mode is also called "Class Compliant."

1. Press FUNCTION so it is lit.

2. Press the key with the label "ADV" above it.

3. Use the + / -  buttons to make the setting:

  • + (lit): Advanced Driver - this setting requires a Roland USB driver to be installed on the computer.
  • - (lit): Generic Driver - this setting uses the driver in your computer's operating system.

4. Re-start the A-49 to finalize the setting.

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