UM-ONE MK2: Connecting to a Windows 10 Computer

Windows 10 has changed the way USB drivers are installed - in most cases the driver will now be installed automatically, so there is no need for the user to download and install a driver manually.

Because of this, you should just need to connect the UM-ONE MK2 to a USB port on a Windows 10 computer and the driver will be automatically installed (this can take 10-20 seconds).

There are a few things to be aware of:

The UM-ONE MK2 can connect to a computer in two different ways, depending on the setting of the small switch labelled "COMP" or "TAB."

  • COMP: This mode requires that a Roland driver be installed on your computer for the UM-ONE MK2 to connect. Using this option you can take advantage of Roland's FPT processing technology which provides for faster MIDI processing speeds.
  • TAB: This mode allows the UM-ONE MK2 to use the USB MIDI Driver that is built into your computer's operating system, and does not require that a Roland driver be installed. This mode is often called "Class Compliant."

Both of these options will work with Windows 10.

Once you have connect the UM-ONE MK2, the small LED labelled "USB" should light up indicating that the interface is receiving power and communicating with the computer.

You can also check on your computer to confirm that the UM-ONE MK2 is connected correctly - open the Device Manager and confirm that the UM-ONE MK2 is listed under "Sound, video, and game controllers."

Once the driver is installed and the USB light on the interface is lit, you should then be ready to use the UM-ONE MK2 with your music applications.


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    la vinhson

    driver roland usv midi um one

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    Aditya Holmes Putra

    I am very dissapointed with um-one mk2. I was using windows 8 and it was all fine. But after i changed my OS into Windows 10 Pro, my um-one was not working properly. Roland claimed that the device will automically install itself just after plugged into USB. But the fact, my device manager show that the device driver is unavailable. I've tried hit update driver via web, but the Windows cant find the driver. How it can be? till now i still cant use my um-one because of this mess. So please roland, is there any solution with this? Please give the proper driver for windows 10. thank you.

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