TD-50K: Calibrating the VH-11 Hihat Pad

It's important to calibrate the VH-11 periodically in the TD-50. Doing so insures proper hihat functionality and performance. Here's how to calibrate the VH-11: 

1. On the VH-11, loosen the clutch of the pad and lower it so it rests on the controller. 

2. Press the TRIGGER button on the TD-50. 

3. Press F4(HIHAT). 

4. Confirm "Trig Type" is set to "VH-11." If a different Trigger Type is shown, turn the dial to choose "VH-11."

5. Turn the OPEN/CLOSE thumb nut below the clutch of the VH-11 until the indicator is between the two left and right pointing arrows and the arrows are highlighted. If the indicator is floating above the arrows, turn the thumb nut counterclockwise. If the indicator is below the arrows, turn the nut clockwise. It may take several rotations until the indicator begins to move. It may also take a good amount of force to turn the thumb nut. This is normal. 

6. Once the indicator is stable and the two left and right arrows are highlighted, press the KIT button to exit, and then readjust and tighten the VH-11's clutch. 

** As mentioned, it's important to calibrate the VH-11 periodically, and/or anytime you have previously removed the VH-11 from the hihat stand.   


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