VR-4HD: How to Change System Format

In order to work with a particular resolution format you do have the option to set a System Format.
Here are the steps on setting that change:

  1. Press the [SYSTEM SETUP] button to display the setup screen.
  2. Select <SYSTEM> to display the SYSTEM menu.
  3. Select <SYSTEM FORMAT>.
  4. Use the [VALUE] knob to set the system format to “1080p”, “1080i” or “720p.”
  5. Press the [VALUE] knob to apply the setting.
    * The change is not applied unless you press the [VALUE] knob to accept the setting.
  6. Press the [SYSTEM SETUP] button several times to quit the setup screen.

You can check the formats of video being input and output at the setup screen displayed by pressing the [IN/OUT SETUP] button. If the  icon  is displayed, this indicates that video in a format that differs from

the setting on the VR-4HD is being input.

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