R-09HR: SYMPTOM: SD Memory Card is Not Recognized

The following is information to help troubleshoot the R-09HR recorder in the event that the unit no longer recognizes an SD memory card:

  1. Try testing the R-09HR with new, unused Alkaline or Nickel Hydrogen batteries.
    Note: Lithium batteries are not compatible and are a common reason why customers have reported this issue.
  2. If a power supply is being used, be sure that it's a Roland brand PSB-6U or UDC-25 only--3rd party power supplies can cause the unit to not operate properly.
  3. Test with the original recorder's SD memory card that was included with the product new.
  4. Be sure that the card is compatible:
  5. The recorder's current operating version may need to be updated. You may download the latest version of operating system on our website:
  6. Test with a different compatible SD card.
  7. If the issue continues with the original SD card included with the product, and any other compatible SD card that is used, the R-09HR may need to be serviced. To get the R-09HR serviced, you must first obtain a Return Authorization number (RA). You can do so by using our online service request form on our site here:
    Roland Service Request

    Additional service rate and warranty information can be found here:
    Service and Repair Information
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