SP-404A: Setting a Sample's Volume

Setting a Sample’s Volume

Here’s how to adjust the volume of each pad.
1. Make sure that the [SELECT] button is extinguished. If it is lit, press the [SELECT] button to
turn it off.

2. Press the pad to which the sample whose volume you want to adjust is assigned.
The pad will light, and that sample will play.

3. Press the [START/END/LEVEL] button so the button is lit.

4. Turn the [CTRL 3] (LEVEL) knob to adjust the sample’s volume.

5. When you’ve finished making adjustments, press
the [START/END/LEVEL] button to turn off its light.
Turning the [CTRL 3] (LEVEL) knob toward the left will
reduce the volume, and turning it toward the right will
increase the volume. A setting of 127 is the maximum
volume. The default value immediately after sampling is

While the [START/END/LEVEL] button is lit, you can
adjust not only the volume but also the start point and
end point (p. 27) by using the [CTRL 1] and [CTRL 2]
knobs. If you’ve moved the [CTRL 1] or [CTRL 2] knobs
by accident, set them back to the center position. The
settings will return to their previous values. If you press
the [START/END/LEVEL] button to turn off the button’s
light without returning the knobs to the center, the
modified start point and end point settings will be set.

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