TD-17: Using the Bluetooth Feature


1. Turn on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and place it near the TD-17. 

2. Press the SETUP button.

3. Turn the dial to highlight "Bluetooth," and then press the function 3(F3) button below the display for "ENTER."

4. Press F1 for "PAIRING." - “Now Pairing...,” appears in the TD-17's display. 

5. Access the Bluetooth menu in your mobile device, and turn on the Bluetooth switch. 

6. Tap “TD-17 AUDIO” when it appears in the mobile device's display. TD-17 AUDIO will be added to the devices list, and "Connected" will appear in the TD-17's display.

7. Connect headphones to the TD-17, or connect its outputs to your amp/PA/ mixer. 

8. Turn up the TD-17's volume using the VOLUME knob. 

9. Confirm that the volume level is turned up in your mobile device, and play audio (song) from it. The sound of the mobile device will be coming from the TD-17's outputs. 



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