TD-17: HH Open/Close Balance(Volume)

The TD-17 contains a feature call HH Open Close Balance which lets you adjust the volume level off the hihat open sound and the hihat close sounds independently of each other. For example, if you feel the volume level of the close sound of the hihat is not as loud as the open sound, the Open/Close balance can be used to adjust that. Here's how: 

1. Choose a Kit to edit. 

2. Press the "OTHER" button. 

3. Press the down cursor button to select the second set of icons. 

4. Press the function 1 button (VOLUME).

5. Cursor down to highlight the value next to "HH Open Close Balance." 

6. While performing on the hihat, turn the dial to adjust the level. With a higher value (+5), the sound of the open hihat volume will be louder. When a lower value is used, the closed hihat sound will be louder.

7. When you have set the level as desired, press the DRUM KIT button to exit. The new settings are saved automatically. 

*** Note: When you're finished using the TD-17 and you're ready to shut off its power, be sure to use the physical power button on the TD-17 to do so. If, for example, an external switch on a power supply strip or a wall switch is used, the custom settings you have made in the TD-17 will not be saved.


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