TR-8S: Assigning a Different Function for each Instrument to the [CTRL] Knob

Assigning a Different Function for Each
Instrument to the [CTRL] Knob
1. While holding down the [CTRL SELECT] button,
press a [BD]–[RC] button.
The parameter that’s assigned to the [CTRL] knob is displayed.

2. Use the [VALUE] knob to select a parameter.

3. Press the [CTRL SELECT] button.
The [CTRL SELECT] button goes dark, and you exit the screen.

You can also select from the assignable parameters by holding
down the [CTRL SELECT] button and directly operating the
[CTRL] knob.

5 The assignment that you make is saved in the “User”
parameter which you can select in step 2 of “Assigning
Parameters to the [CTRL] Knobs (CTRL SELECT)”

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