XS-1HD: Loading a Still Image

A still image that you load from a USB flash drive can be assigned to an input channel, and output in the same way as video. Follow these steps to load a still:

1. Save the still image in the root directory of the USB flash drive.

You can load still images of the following file format.

FORMAT  Bitmap (.bmp), 24-bit color, uncompressed
RESOLUTION  Maximum 1920 x 1200 pixels
FILE NAME  Eight or fewer single-byte alphanumeric characters
* The file extension “.bmp” must be added.

2. To the USB MEMORY port, connect the USB flash drive on which the still image is saved.

3. Press the [MENU] button > “File” > Still Image, select “Load” and press the [ENTER] button.

The File Load screen appears. The screen shows the names of the files on the USB flash drive.

4. Select the file that you want to load, and press the [ENTER] button. The still image is loaded into the XS-1HD.

5. When the message “Completed.” appears, press the [ENTER] button.

6. Press the [MENU] button several times to close the menu.

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