XS-1HD: Fading the Video Output

Follow these directions to apply a fade to the video output, so that a single color (background color) video is output. This is available when the screen mode is matrix mode or switcher mode.

NOTE: Fade operations are not possible while the menu is displayed. Close the menu before performing fades.

1. Press the [COLOR] button of the output channel that you want to fade-out.

During the fade, the [COLOR] button blinks red.
When the fade-out is complete, the [COLOR] button is lit red.

2. To fade-in, press the cross-point button of the output channel that is faded-out.

The [COLOR] button blinks, and the video begins to be output. When the fade-in is complete, the [COLOR] button is lit white.


  • The fade time is specified by the setting of the [TIME] knob.

  • You can change the fade color (background color).
    Press [MENU] button > “Input” > “Background Color” > and adjust “HueSaturation,” and “Value.”
    However, if the output format is “1920 x 1200,” the background color setting is disregarded. The fade color is fixed at “black".
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