TD-17K-L,TD-17KV, TD-17KVX, MDS-COMPACT Stand Information

When purchased new, all of the TD-17-series kits ship in the U.S. with the stands included.

The MDS-COMPACT stands have now been introduced, however some MDS-4V or MDS-4KVX stands may still be supplied with TD-17K-L, TD-17KV and TD-17KVX kits over the coming months.

The MDS-COMPACT stand contains all hardware and pad mounting options needed for all three kits, and includes the following updates:

- Updated ball joint style mounting for ease of pad position adjustability. 

- Cymbal pad "stopper" preinstalled on crash and ride cymbal pad arms, which prevents them from being misplaced and/or mounted incorrectly.

Please see the images below which contain the MDS-COM stand configuration details.




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