VR-1HD: How to Set Up Audio Sources and Mix Audio Levels

On the VR-1HD, there are two XLR/TRS combo microphone inputs. The default gain setting may not be high enough for your microphone, especially if using a dynamic mic, so you may need to increase the Head Amp Gain to get an acceptable signal level.

Note that both Head Amp Gain and Digital Gain functions are independent of the physical Level fader.


These settings are not accessible using the standard menu button, you instead want to press the [ LEVEL SETUP ] button to configure them.


Note that all menu displays are viewed via the HDMI output labeled MONITOR (Menu).


How to Adjust the Audio Settings









More Information

For more information about audio settings, refer to the VR-1HD Reference Manual.

Note: This is a separate document from the Startup Guide and RCS Manual.

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