M-200i: Saving the Mixer Settings to a USB Drive (Backup)

The following steps will guide through backing up mixer settings to a USB drive.

  1. If an iPad is synced to the M-200i, press and hold the FUNC button and then press EXIT.
  2. Insert a USB memory into the USB MEMORY port on the back panel of the M-200i.
  3. In the M-200i's top panel’s DISPLAY section, press the SETUP button.
  4. Use the cursor buttons to select “LOAD/SAVE“ and press ENTER.
  5. Select the current directory, and press ENTER.
  6. Move the cursor to the SAVE and press ENTER.
  7. The PROJECT FILE SAVE screen appears. Edit the name of the project file.
  8. Press ENTER to save the project. A “now processing” message will indicate the progress of the operation.

Mixer settings are saved in the “RSS/M-200i/PROJ” folder of the USB memory. All settings except for user settings are saved.

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